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Fazit Acne Scar Patches for face, bikini, and body

Fazit Acne Scar Patches for face, bikini, and body

silicone scar patches

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flattens and reduces the appearance of acne scars

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Fazit’s medical-grade silicone scar smoothing patch creates a protective barrier that helps to flatten scars, promote healing and achieve less visible textured skin.

How to use

Whether you’ve had acne scars for days or years, diminish its appearance and restore your skin in as little as 4-8 weeks. After cleansing and DRYING the skin, apply the patch to the scarred area. Wear 4-8 hours per day and gradually increase daily use for a maximum of 18 hours per day. For best results, wear patches at least 12 hours a day!

What's Included

24 acne scar patches




Silicone patches are not meant for open or healing wounds. Wait until your blemish is closed for use.

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acne scar patch

Sometimes Acne Scars Need a Helping Hand

Hydrate, flatten and improve the appearance of textured skin, post pimples in as little as 4 weeks!

acne scar patch

Think of Blemishes as BEAUTY Marks

Blemishes, bumps and hyperpigmentation are beauty marks. They make us more unique!


We were over the beauty industry & social media promoting products promising “perfect,” “idealized" skin, which were unrelatable to consumers. These unattainable beauty standards impact our mental health, so we created a community to share different skin concerns, embrace them, & normalize it