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Body Breakout + Scar Patch + Bikini Ingrown

Body Breakout + Scar Patch + Bikini Ingrown

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Fazit's Body Breakout Patch targets the bumps and blemishes on your back, chest, and butt. The XL multi-shaped hydrocolloid acne and pore patches gently absorb body impurities such as pus, sebum, and excess oil overnight! Body Breakout Patch is safe for all skin types.

Fazit’s medical-grade Silicone Scar Smoothing patch creates a protective barrier that helps to flatten scars, promote healing and achieve less visible textured skin.

Fazit's Bikini Patches are designed to target ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation along the bikini line. In addition to absorbing pus, oil sebum, and extracting the hair, the patch helps to brighten and exfoliate the skin, leaving a smoother complexion.

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We were over the beauty industry & social media promoting products promising “perfect,” “idealized" skin, which were unrelatable to consumers. These unattainable beauty standards impact our mental health, so we created a community to share different skin concerns, embrace them, & normalize it