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Body Breakout + Scar Patch Bundle (32 Patches)

Body Breakout + Scar Patch Bundle (32 Patches)

XL Multi-Shaped Hydrocolloid Acne Patches & SILICONE ACNE SCAR PATCHES

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Gently targets cluster breakouts overnight.


Large, multi-shaped acne patches are used to target breakouts for different areas of the face. In addition to absorbing pus, oil and sebum, the patch provides a protective seal away from debris, bacteria, irritants and helps one avoid picking and scarring of the skin. 

Fazit’s medical-grade silicone Acne Scar Patch creates a protective barrier that helps to flatten scars, promote healing and achieve less visible textured skin.

How To

Acne Patch

1. Prep your skin. Cleanse & dry the area.

2. Apply the patch. 

3. Leave for 6-8 hrs. Repeat for 2-3 days if needed.

Scar Patch

1. Prep your skin. Cleanse & dry the area.

2. Apply the patch. 

3. For best results, wear at least 12 hours a day. See results in as little as 4-8 weeks.


Hydrocolloid & Silicone

Box Contents

Acne Patches

4 circles, 2 ovals, 2 triangles 2 rectangles

Scar Patches

24 pieces


Hydrocolloid technology is not a treatment for acne. If you are prone to recurring acne, please consult a dermatologist for treatment options.

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Overnight Zit Zapping results!

Fazit's advanced hydrocolloid technology flattens pimple clusters by absorbing skin gunk in 6-8 hours.

peeling pimple patch off

Don't Pop, Pick or Poke, PATCH IT!

Zit Zapper protects active breakouts from irritants, bacteria, and scabbing!